Game Over?

In March, as is the case every March, NBA team owners across the country alert the NBA if they have intentions of moving their team to a new city. Most years, this deadline comes and goes without much fanfare. This year, it could be big news for Sacramento.

The owner of the Anaheim Ducks (NHL) offered a $100 million loan to cover costs if the Kings will move there.

Louisville, Kentucky has assembled more than 7,000 citizens under a “Bring the Kings to Louisville” Facebook page.

Seattle may also be interested. A December headline read, “Two years later, pain of losing Sonics still stings.” And they’re not alone. San Diego has been waiting 27 years for a new NBA team. Kansas City has been waiting 26 years. Losing our professional sports team means losing something we may never be able to replace.

You don’t have to care about basketball to appreciate how a professional sports team impacts a city’s ability to thrive, prosper and, frankly, be relevant. It is a part of what makes Sacramento a great place to live. So is the Crocker Art Museum, Old Sacramento, the fact that we are two hours from Tahoe. The list of what makes Sacramento alive and interesting is long and to lose any of it hurts our city.

Why a campaign?

If we were accountants, we probably wouldn’t be running billboards and posting on Facebook. But we’re in the business of advertising and social media so we felt like we had an obligation to do something we know how to do. Bottom line, we care about the culture of Sacramento and, in our book, a professional sports team is a part of that culture. Sacramento has already lost the opera. What more do we have to lose before we step up and take action – not government stepping up, not developers, but us, the people of this city.

There is value in being one of a limited number of cities in this country to have a professional sports team. It’s something to be proud of – to have the option of going to a game, even if you never do. And, as far as we’re concerned, Sacramento is not a city that lets a group in Kentucky show more support for our team than we do.

And we’re not a city that lets our team leave without a fight.

To be a part of the fight, go to

by Amber Williams, President, Glass Agency

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